Has this designer found the perfect model for making, marketing, and selling them? 

Kevin Pagdon is a graduate of the Maryland Institute College of Art class of 2015, focusing on Environmental Design: Object Design. He aims to educate himself on the design process and design principles, as well as materials and techniques to design objects focused on the user experience. His goal is always to improve the purpose and of an object and bring out its most essential functional aspects along with its aesthetics.

3D printing has offered a revolutionary way to create new designs and unprecedented customization. Importantly, the technology has also offered a viable alternative to large-scale manufacturing practices, which have significant footprints in terms of material and energy waste.

Of course, while 3D printing technologies are quickly becoming more advanced and viable for the footwear industry, one of the biggest hurdles is reconciling how to efficiently adopt the tech for the commercial market, and for the consumer.
Kevin Pagdon has developed a concept solution for making, marketing, and selling 3D printed shoes:
 3D Printed Performance - http://www.kevinpagdon.com/3d-printed-performance

Prompted by the fact that 99% of footwear in the U.S. is imported from abroad, and that the footwear manufacturing industry generates 200 million metric tons of water waste, Kevin Pagdon set out to develop a viable and implementable product cycle for 3D printed shoes that would avoid these manufacturing realities. His concept involves four key points: improved sustainability, localised manufacturing, simplified production methods, and increased customer interaction. As he demonstrates, 3D printing technologies can account for all of these.